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Julie Prince

I have 22 years of teaching experience and a graduate from Sam Houston State University. I grew up in Willis, Texas (which 30 years ago was a small town like Woodville). I have a son, Hunter attending his first year in college at Blinn/College Station and a daughter, Adrian that is a sophomore at Woodville  High School. My motto as an educator...Students don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

6th Grade Reinforce Grammar /Inquiry Overview Using Technology

Chess, a Workout of the Mind

“Mental muscle” is important for success in all academic areas. The students will have the opportunity to further develop their intellectual muscle, while exploring one of the most memory-enhancing games every invented – chess. Not only does chess boost spatial and mathematical skills, it also enhances all areas of academics. Regardless of any students’ prior experience, a challenge will be offered. From chess notation through endgame strategies, students will develop academic strength through the powerful and delightfully fun game of chess.


In Imagineering (integration of imagination and engineering), third grade students will have the opportunity to be engineers, using the design process to solve problems, while using the 4 C’s in brain-friendly, exciting mini-invention adventures. Consider the job market of 2035. What skills might students develop today that might better prepare them for success in professions that do not exist at this time? According to futurists, as well as leaders in both business and education, professionals of the year 2035 will need to be ready to apply the 4 C’s: creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration. Experience engineering!



Do you enjoy mysteries? Then you will love the study of Enigma’s, which are defined as a naturally occurring, unexplainable, and often unsolved mystery. Some often have solutions; while others are still waiting to be solved. Many conclusions still remain without proof. The students will become Enigma Detectives and choose to investigate one of the world’s most baffling enigmas from a class list. Students will research independently or in groups their mystifying enigma. The students will be following the scientific process and report their discoveries to the class by choosing from a menu of choice. This creative project will involve compiling information, analyzing, discussing, and application of knowledge along with their recommended solution to the enigma.

7th /8th Grade Theatre



  The purpose of Introduction to Theatre is to increase students' understanding, appreciation, and critical perceptions of the theatrical event. Readings and lectures will focus on the elements of theatrical practice; artists and innovators of theatre throughout history; and on the theatre's development as an art form and a social phenomenon; participation in class forum discussions and sharing of critiques and short reports will offer avenues to explore students' individual theatrical interests; and optional attendance at theatrical events will offer first­hand experience in theatre arts.